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Power of Attorney vs. Durable Power of Attorney
A term often used when discussing Estate Planning is Power of Attorney. There are several types of Power of Attorney’s so it can get overwhelming to know and understand each one. Different Power of Attorney’s follow different guidelines and rules. If you’re not sure what Power of Attorney you should have in place, we will try to clarify this below.
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College Grad and Parents Are Ready for Anything
Lauren recently graduated college and is preparing herself for the “real world.” She has accepted a position to work in Washington D.C. and will officially be out from under her parent’s care. Lauren is getting ready to move and is talking with her parents about all the details of living on her own.
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You Have a Will, Is That Enough?
When planning for the unexpected you want to make sure you have everything prepared for your loved ones. What’s the best way to do this? What do you need to get in place? Who will execute your plans? A lot of people have had this thought and their remedy is to get a “Will,” but is that enough?
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Is Your Single Parent Prepared?
This past year, Rob’s dad, Chad, ran into some health issues and his health started to deteriorate. He is fairly young, 63 years old. A Farewell Plan really hadn’t come across his mind with him being so young. He didn’t have the “healthiest” life dealing with alcohol and opioid addiction.
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The Colossal To-Do List When Someone Dies
When a loved one dies, most people think about the grieving process and the funeral planning details. Should there be a viewing? How do you contact all the family, friends, coworkers, worship groups, weekend run crew, bowling league, etc.?
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When the Unexpected Happens to Your Parent
At the age of 54, Cynthia’s father, David, had a stroke as an unfortunate aftereffect of a routine surgery. Thankfully David was still in the hospital when the stroke happened, otherwise the results could have been much more detrimental.
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Do I Need a Will or a Living Will?
A useful document when planning for the unexpected is a “Will.” We also hear the term “Living Will.” You may be wondering, what is the difference? A will is a document that gives direction as to what happens with one’s property and assets after death.
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The Sandwich Generation: Being Squeezed at Both Ends
The Sandwich Generation is the classification given to the middle adult who is balancing the demands of caring for aging parents and caring for their children, all while managing a career of their own. The middle adult can be in their 30’s all the way up to their 60’s if they are a main caretaker for grandchildren or have adult children still living at home.
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Which Trusts Are Best For My Family?
A Trust is an estate planning document that illustrates what assets go to your heirs after death. Once you establish a trust, you can appoint a trustee to manage your account and make decisions for the trust. A trustee can be an individual or an institution, such as a law firm.
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Tips on Preparing for Your Death
Asking for help can be difficult for anyone, especially caregivers. With care circles and task management, friends and family can easily help. We’ll also send you a nudge when too many tasks have been assigned to yourself.
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Does Your Family Have Cryptocurrency?
Chances are someone in your family has cryptocurrency. Perhaps you have started investing in cryptocurrency yourself. Regardless, you want to know about it and gain a better understanding of cryptocurrency.
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The Loss of a Parent
Angie’s family has had a few unexpected tragedies occur over the past couple years. Her dad suddenly passed away in January 2020. Her Father-in-law had Parkinsons and passed away in April 2018. Neither her dad nor father-in-law had all the life documents in place necessary to help prepare for the unexpected.
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Routine Surgery Results in Unexpected Loss
A week before his 60th birthday, Ryan’s dad went in for a routine back surgery. Unfortunately, during the surgery recovery, he ran into complications and passed away a few days later. Completely unexpected.
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Unexpected Stroke at 48 and then Cancer
At the age of 48, Neil’s dad had an unexpected stroke that the entire family of 4 kids had never thought about happening. Luckily, Neil’s dad was able to recover and after a few years was back to good health. Or so they thought.
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