Unexpected Stroke at 48 and then Cancer

At the age of 48, Neil’s dad had an unexpected stroke that the entire family of 4 kids had never thought about happening.  Luckily, Neil’s dad was able to recover and after a few years was back to good health.  Or so they thought.  Sadly, Neil’s dad was then diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer and passed away shortly after.

Neil’s mom is still in good health and after going through a stroke with her husband, they were able to get most of their important details organized.  But if something were to happen to his mom now, Neil (and the rest of his siblings) wouldn’t know where to start.  They don’t have any idea where investments are held, who provides the insurance, who drafted the wills, etc.

Going through these 2 unexpected events has opened Neil’s eyes to the fact that something could happen to him at any moment.  As a dad of 2 young children, with another on the way, it’s important to him that his wife and family are taken care of should something happen to him.

After losing his dad, Neil tried to be proactive and had a high-level conversation with his wife about retirement accounts, insurance, legal documents, and more, but it was just a conversation.  Likely in the event of an emergency situation, his wife wouldn’t remember that conversation and would have a hard time finding what she needs.

With this in mind, Neil has used Addio to save all of that important information that he discussed with his wife and given her access so she knows exactly where to find it and who to contact for help.

Not only did he invite his wife, Neil also has invited his mom and siblings to add all their information as well so their entire family is prepared for the unexpected.

Here’s some advice that Neil wants to share with others going through similar situations or starting to think about what could happen if a parent passes away:

Take ownership and responsibility.  Start proactive conversations with family about death. Create a plan and make sure your plan is automatically shared and turn-key for your family and successors when you go. Whatever you do, don’t be stuck in a reactive situation - I have seen how this tears a family apart when no plan is in place.

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