Improving care takes a village.

Addio lives at the intersection of life and death care. This is why we partner with experts in finance, estate planning, hospice care and more to ensure quality care and smooth coordination among family members.

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Expanding the quality of care, together

As families prepare for the end of life, they need integrated resources to make smarter choices about their future. Alongside that, professionals need ways to offer more value and support to their clients. When you become an Addio Partner, you’ll be able to access a more integrated solution that shows you understand the full picture of their end-of-life care needs.

Integrated care solution

Offer clients a more holistic view into their end-of-life care plan

Diverse partner network

Connect with a community of care and estate planning experts to deepen client relationships

Educational resources

Access unique discussions and content to strengthen your team’s expertise
Help us expand the quality of care

“Having access to care makes it possible for all of us to go out into the world and do what we do every single day.”

Ai-jen Poo, activist and author of Aging with Dignity

Connecting care across needs

Addio works with professionals across the field of care to ensure a greater quality of life for our families. If you’re interested in joining, connect with us and let’s find a way to build a better path forward.

Financial Advisors

Improve your estate planning services and create end-of-life checklists for your clients.

Estate Planners

Provide additional resources for your clients and expand your services to end-of-life care management for the families.

Home Care Attendants

Keep your ongoing tasks organized and family communication clear.


Provide employees with more supportive bereavement tools.

Hospice and Palliative Care

Keep your family and care team communication clear and organized.

Death Doulas

Manage multiple clients in one space and guide clients through end-of-life and post-loss with ease.