Does Your Family Have Cryptocurrency?

Chances are someone in your family has cryptocurrency. Perhaps you have started investing in cryptocurrency yourself. Regardless, you want to know about it and gain a better understanding of cryptocurrency. In this article we will provide a quick summary of cryptocurrency and how Addio can assist you.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that uses computer code to operate on it’s own without a third party manager. Examples of currency managers not needed for cryptocurrency are banks, companies, or people. Cryptocurrency transactions are held in a ledger across computer networks into what is called a “blockchain.” Cryptocurrency transactions are combined into blocks and when pieced together the history creates a blockchain.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and today there are now thousands. Typically, cryptocurrency is used as a form of payment. Also, cryptocurrency is used as an investment vehicle with wide speculation that it’s value could increase over time.

How does your family manage their Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency was initially created as a person to person payment system with no managing party. This reduces fees from platforms like PayPal. You’re reading this article because you want to know how you can locate your family’s Cryptocurrency in the event of the unexpected. Most cryptocurrency is stored on a digital wallet or hard drive. The wallet can be located on a mobile device or computer desktop as well. You may even know that a family member has cryptocurrency, but how would you access it?

How can Addio assist with your family’s Cryptocurrency?

By using  Addio, users can clearly point out where and how to access their cryptocurrency holdings. With Addio’s format, one can illustrate the platform in which they trade cryptocurrency along with the instructions of how to access these funds in the event the unexpected occurs. In today’s ever changing investment world you have to be prepared.

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