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  • Unlimited profiles
  • 1 Care Circle member
  • Task management
  • Access to helpful resources
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  • Unlimited profiles
  • Unlimited Care Circle members
  • Task management
  • Access to helpful resources
  • Access to Death Doula
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"To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors."

Tia Walker, author of The Inspired Caregiver

Create a care plan that actually works for you

Asking for help can be difficult for anyone, especially caregivers. With care circles and task management, friends and family can easily help. We’ll also send you a nudge when too many tasks have been assigned to yourself.

Invite family and friends to help

Know exactly what information to gather

Asset organization is a tedious task, but it must be done. Addio makes it simpler to know what documents, forms, and assets to collect and to make sure you have a clear plan for successors.

Explore end-of-life preparation

Invite all the right people to advise

Whether it’s your accountant, attorney, home nurse or death doula, Addio allows you to connect all your key contacts in one place for simpler and more accurate communication.

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We're here to answer all of your questions

Is Addio right for me?

Addio is for anyone who wants to be better prepared for end-of-life, either for themselves or for someone they love. So, yes. If you're here, it is probably for you. :) 

How is Addio different from other EOL software?

Addio goes beyond planning for end-of-life and recognizes that much of what is needed is also daily care support for an aging loved one. So we have combined the full cycle of care so that both care receivers and caregivers can improve their quality of life and have a clear plan moving forward.

Where do I start with EOL planning?

Once you sign up, we will ask you a few questions that will allow us to create a custom plan for you. This means you never have to worry about what to do next. We'll help you see the path forward clearly and take small steps forward to planning for your future.