Managing a Loss

Saying goodbye is never easy, but it shouldn’t be this hard.

The emotional weight of losing a loved one is immeasurable and will take time to process.

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A Farewell Plan that grows with your family

The logistical burden by planning funeral arrangements, tracking down financial accounts, or sorting through an estate can certainly be made easier – and we’re here to help.

Simplify the estate closing process

Letting go of a loved one is never easy, but it certainly doesn’t have to be as hard as it is for many families. Addio is here to help you figure out the best way to close a loved one’s accounts, estate, and how to handle the probate process.

Keep track of assets and accounts

If your family member had disparate systems for tracking accounts, belongings, insurance policies, etc., we’ll make it easier to gather the right information and keep it organized in one place.

Getting help is just a click away

If you prefer a person to help guide you through the process, we have vetted partners who are experts and closing more complicated estates.

Questions you can answer with Addio

What does “closing an estate” mean?
How long does the probate process take? 
What are the different ways an estate can be transferred after someone dies? 
If a loved one hasn’t died yet, what should I be preparing for? 

Preparing for a loved one’s expected death?

For those who are preparing for the imminent death of a loved one, we have death doulas and end-of-life caregivers available for additional support. They are trained in helping you navigate how to prepare to say goodbye with as much peace as possible.

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