Aging Parents

Guide an aging parent through end-of-life planning.

Get clarity on their wishes and what they want for their legacy.

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A Farewell Plan that grows with your family

Set up an advance care directive

This document lets your parents determine what kind of end-of-life care they would prefer and who would be their medical decision maker in the event they are unable to make decisions for themselves.

Organize asset and account information

Your parents don’t have to share everything, just enough so that you know what accounts and assets exist in the event of an emergency. This makes it easier on the whole family, especially when time with loved ones is crucial.

Clarify what’s most important to them

Oftentimes, these conversations happen too late. Get to know what your parents’ want for their legacy and how they’d like to be remembered. Let this guide some of the conversations around their end-of-life planning and focus on how they want to live now.

Questions you can answer with Addio

What kind of care treatments are your parents open to?
Would they prefer to be buried or cremated?
What kinds of funds are set aside for funeral arrangements?
Are there insurance policies or financial accounts that need beneficiaries listed?
Who is the executor of their will? 
Do they have a will? 

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