Should you create an online will or use an attorney?
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Your plans, secured.

We take care of your important information. Every decision in creating Addio begins with the safety and privacy of your data in mind.

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Your family's security is what matters most

Addio is designed to protect you and your family. Our team works around the clock to keep your information safe and secure.

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Addio takes care of your most important info

Passwordless Login

Instead of using a password (which can be insecure), Addio sends you a unique login code each time you access.

Data Encryption

Your asset details are highly protected at all times with bank level 256-bit encryption from start to finish.

Your Choice

You can save all your important details or just the basics. Whatever you're comfortable with, it's your choice.

Create a care plan that actually works for you

Asking for help can be difficult for anyone, especially caregivers. With care circles and task management, friends and family can easily help. We’ll also send you a nudge when too many tasks have been assigned to yourself.

Invite family and friends to help

Know exactly what information to gather

Asset organization is a tedious task, but it must be done. Addio makes it simpler to know what documents, forms, and assets to collect and to make sure you have a clear plan for successors.

Explore end-of-life preparation

Invite all the right people to advise

Whether it’s your accountant, attorney, home nurse or death doula, Addio allows you to connect all your key contacts in one place for simpler and more accurate communication.

Connect key advisors

We're here to answer all of your questions

Who should have access to my Addio account?

Anyone you'd like! We recommend adding any immediate family members who can ensure your legacy wishes are carried out as you like. Within your Care Circle, you have Caregivers and Helpers. Caregivers will be able to see all the information you include in Addio. And if you add Helpers, they'll only be able to see tasks assigned to them. You can also add any estate planners or advisors to your account to help guide you through important end-of-life planning tasks.

How is Addio different than other EOL software?

While we have the same bank-level security as other software tools, we also give you the option to use our end-of-life space as more of a directory . So if you don't want to upload every important document or import full bank account information, you don't have to! Your family only really needs to know what exists and where you store this information. We just make it easy to know what you should be adding to the list.

What happens to my information when I cancel Addio?

If your trial lapses or you need to cancel, don't worry. We'll lock your account, but keep your information stored securely until you're ready to come back.

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Should you create an online will or use an attorney?

If you're weighing the pros and cons of doing it online versus going through an attorney, let us break it down.

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