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Addio started with our own need to take care of our families. Our personal experiences with the difficulties of end-of-life planning drove us to improve this process together.

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Our mission

Our mission at Addio is to demystify the end-of-life planning process. We want to ease the burden of managing a death by preparing families today. Whether you are planning ahead for peace of mind or currently caring for a dying loved one, we serve as your guide to knowing what to prepare for and how.

Meet the team

Meet our team

Our team is passionate about building tools that support families as they plan for end-of-life. Our co-founders’ experiences include a blend of technology, financial planning, partnership development, and end-of-life caregiving.

Gabe Caldwell


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Breena Fain

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Create a care plan that actually works for you

Asking for help can be difficult for anyone, especially caregivers. With care circles and task management, friends and family can easily help. We’ll also send you a nudge when too many tasks have been assigned to yourself.

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Know exactly what information to gather

Asset organization is a tedious task, but it must be done. Addio makes it simpler to know what documents, forms, and assets to collect and to make sure you have a clear plan for successors.

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Invite all the right people to advise

Whether it’s your accountant, attorney, home nurse or death doula, Addio allows you to connect all your key contacts in one place for simpler and more accurate communication.

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Should you create an online will or use an attorney?

If you're weighing the pros and cons of doing it online versus going through an attorney, let us break it down.

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