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Estate planning isn't just for the rich anymore. We all have something, or someone, meaningful to leave behind. We'll help you gather the details of your life and bring them together in one plan that is simple, clear, and complete.

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Janus Ho
Wow, that was easy!

This felt so different from the typical process and I definitely saved so much time and money. I've already shared my plan with family and will continue to recommend Addio!

Gina Gonzalez
Great product, amazing team!

End of life is not something I enjoy thinking about, but I feel a lot more comfortable knowing I have a plan in place if something were to happen, and that my family members have a way of accessing all my information in one place.

Jake Brokaw
Addio made the complicated seem simple

I loved how easy it was to connect with an advisor after I had completed my plan to answer some of the more specific questions I had. Overall, the experience just felt simple for something that I thought was a complicated topic.

Matthew Amarosi
Quick and easy to use

Addio made it simple to share my plan with my parents so they have access in case something were to happen to me. I was able to complete my entire plan in about an hour.

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Should you create an online will or use an attorney?

If you're weighing the pros and cons of doing it online versus going through an attorney, let us break it down.

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