Kate Kelso

Founder & Chief Legal Counsel

K. Kelso Law in Tustin, CA

Kate Kelso is the founder of K. Kelso Law, a boutique law firm specializing in estate planning, pre/postnuptial agreements, business formation, mediation, special needs trusts, and asset protection planning. The Firm represents a variety of business, institutional, and individual clients with an absolute dedication to offering accessible and affordable legal guidance to all. K. Kelso Law is not your typical law firm and Kate isn't your average attorney, but we always have above-average results.


"Kate is an extremely hard working and exceptionally passionate attorney that I would recommend to anyone! Her affordable rates are a huge bonus."

Alexandra G.


12 years


Estate Planning
Wills and Trusts
Family Law:  Prenups, Divorce
Small Business Formation

Licenses / Certifications

State Bar of California
U.S. District Court for the Central District of California
Licensed Mediator


Georgetown University Law
UNC at Chapel Hill
Universidad de Cuyo

What inspired you to get into this line of work?

Kate began her legal career in international human rights, traveling extensively throughout more than seventy countries. For over a year she worked in Tanzania, effectively changing the lives of millions of tribal women. In 2010, Kate aided in the successful extradition of Yugoslavian war criminals. It's with the same service-minded approach that she invests in her current clients, and developed the philosophy on which K. Kelso Law, is based: to create compassionate, comprehensive estate plans.

What's one piece of insight you wish all families knew?

Kate believes that honesty and transparency should define any K. Kelso Law interaction so that all legal explanations, assistance, and advice are clear and unambiguous. Most estate planning attorneys focus only on what happens at death; We focus on your entire journey because as life changes, so should your estate plan. Kate is hell-bent on empowering her clients based on her grandmother's sage advice: The way to wealth is with jewelry and property- all of which should be in a trust. Nice, Gram!

What excites you most about working with Addio families?

K. Kelso Law, a law firm unlike any other - there is no judgment, dogs are always welcome, and there are no thick leather-bound codes on bookshelves. K. Kelso Law focuses on creating generational wealth in marginalized communities with equal access and education, aiming to minimize segregation in our communities. Addio is another method through which K. Kelso Law can spread its unique perspective, treating its clients like people, not paychecks. Our goal is to help clients, not get their cash.

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