Xaviar Gray

Financial Coach

Tech & Flow in St. Petersburg, FL

My passion for business and finance is deep-rooted in my entrepreneurial upbringing. As a young kid, I spent more time assisting with real estate transactions and studying information in libraries than most kids spent playing video games. As such, I took an early interest in business and finance and haven't slowed down. I attribute my success to two skills - my ability to connect with and develop people. Our work together will help you grow your money faster than ever.


"Xaviar takes the extra time and care to map out a strategic plan for your financial success! He genuinely cares about his clients. Your success is his"

Meredith Timulty


11 years


Financial Planning
Insurance Planning
Retirement Planning

Licenses / Certifications

Series 7
Series 63
Series 6
2-15 License


St. Petersburg College

What inspired you to get into this line of work?

Growing up I wasn't taught financial literacy. I can recall seeing my family lose jobs, have cars repossessed and struggle to continue to grow at the same rate I saw other families. I wanted to learn more about economics, money management & how to build the wealth that I saw around me. So, I decided the Financial Services world was for me. I joined a top 10 internship program where I quickly became one of the top 100 interns out of a few thousand and away my career went.

What's one piece of insight you wish all families knew?

Money is a form of energy. The more you nurture and harness its power to work for you and not against you the faster you will see you financial life transform. This begins with understanding how it works and then giving every dollar a job. Simply put for every one hundred dollars that hits your bank account do you know where it is going?

What excites you most about working with Addio families?

Estate Planning is a complex and boring subject. Moreover, it is often associated with "things the rich do". However, this is not true. It is an important part of everyone's future and Addio is making it easy and cost effective.

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