Robin Weeks


My Pivotal Point in Newport, VA

In 2020, after caring for my mother for over 6 years, I launched My Pivotal Point, Caring for Caregivers. My Mission is to educate, inform and support caregivers so that they can effectively provide care while maintaining their own physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. I also am a leadership coach and trainer meeting many working family caregivers struggling to find balance.

I live in the mountains of VA with three horses and one large dog.


"I am so thankful for your work in caring for caregivers! Your compassion, wisdom, and experience helped me through a very rough time with my parents."

Janice Henke, Research Scientist


24 years


Caregiver Consultant and Coach
Virtual Retreats
Legacy Videos
Certified Grief Facilitator

Licenses / Certifications

Certified Caregiving Consultant
Certified Grief Facilitator
Certified Big Five Personality


BA Davidson College, Davidson, NC

What inspired you to get into this line of work?

Caring for my mother for over 6 years made an impact on me. Meeting so many caregivers who felt alone, needing answers and support and not knowing where to go. No caregiver should do this alone!

What's one piece of insight you wish all families knew?

Preparing early for the phases of aging can reduce fear, anxiety and stress. That means having the tough conversations, planning ahead and accepting what comes with grace. It's not easy, find your community of support and educate yourself. Caring for someone brings gifts and insights into our own inner self. It can be sad and beautiful. It is a temporary role, one that will teach you so many things that you will carry forward in your life.

What excites you most about working with Addio families?

My philosophy is to be proactive. Addio offers a wonderful tool to do that. To support families in their preparing and planning stage is so important to provide comfort and ease when it is needed most.

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